Frederick utilizes multiple theoretical orientations to providepsychoeducation and effective interventions that are most benefitable for hisclients. In other words, Frederick prides himself on creating individualizedplans for each of his clients to ensure that they receive therapy that fitstheir needs, rather than trying to force clients to fit a mold. He does notblame or shame and focuses on promoting thoughtfulness, insight, and healing.  
Frederick believes that a healthy therapeutic relationship iskey to a positive therapy experience, so he works hard to meet his clientswhere they are and allows his clients the freedom to explore their own experiences and traumas in a safe environment. If you’re looking for atherapist who will meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals,reach out to Frederick today!   


healthy therapeutic relationship

Areas of Expertise:
Identity; Family Relations; Multicultural Issues; Depression; Anxiety; Life Transitions; Trauma 

Preferred Pronouns:

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