3 Tips For Healthier Friendships

In life, we all crave connection with other human beings. From the time we are young kids, it seems as if we are always searching for meaningful friendships. As we grow older, we often realize the importance of quality friendships over quantity. After all, it does no one good to have a ton of friends whom you can’t depend on.

But having healthy friendships is sometimes easier said than done. With some friendships, that connection just comes naturally. With others, it is a work in progress that seems always require more effort. Neither type of friendship is better than the other. However, you may be wondering how you can make the friendships in your life more healthy. Or maybe you are looking for ways to maintain it for those friendships that you have been in forever.

Here are three tips to help you keep your friendships healthy.

Know It’s Ok To Be Different

Growing up, we tend to gravitate towards the people in life who are similar to us. And honestly, that can still carry well into our adulthoods. But as we get older, some things don’t seem as important for finding similarities in friendships. Then, as you get older, you add in all of the messiness that comes with life. Relationships, politics, religious views, and the list goes on. There is so much in life that can tear a friendship apart quicker than it ever began.

Know that it’s ok to have different opinions and viewpoints. If we were all the same in life, then it would get pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

You can still be friends and respect that you are coming from two completely different views. It’s ok to just agree to disagree. But, if these viewpoints are something that are a constant source of tension between the two of you, it may be time to have that conversation. While it is ok to be respectful of one another’s opinions, you should never continue to force a friendship if these opinions become too much.

Friendships Are A Constant Ebb of “Give And Take”

We’ve seen so many friendships end because it was too one-sided. One friend seems to take advantage of the other. Or maybe one just doesn’t seem to care to maintain it. Despite everything that goes in life, effort should be made on both friends.

Life gets in the way. It’s hard to maintain friendships as we all get older, start families, and focus on growing our careers. So that’s why friendships we do have now should feel all the more special. But if it seems as if you are putting more effort into it, maybe it is time to have the conversation with them. Be honest if you feel as if you are the only one reaching out to make plans or even to just do check-ins. When you are honest with each other, it goes along way to creating a healthy bond.

Speaking Of Honesty…

It really is the best policy. That doesn’t mean you have to be cruel about it. If you find that you are in an argument with your friend, think before you speak. We can’t repeat this enough. Think. Before. You. Speak.

It’s tempting to just throw words out in the moment when you are hurt. But you should never be honest and cruel.

Bonus Entry: Try Therapy Together

Yes, this is a real thing. Friendship therapy is more common than people think. Often times, our friendships have a great foundation but just need a little extra support along the way. Maybe you are constantly arguing. Or an argument or situation is still causing tension and stress.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may benefit from friendship therapy. It not only helps you work on your friendship but ensure that you can maintain and create a healthy one. Connect with us to begin and let’s discover how you can forge a better bond.

May 4, 2022