being a better partner for a healthier relationship

Relationships are wonderful. And infuriating. Yet, beautiful. Still, stressful.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Balancing the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. We are all individuals just trying our best to get through life. Juggling careers, social obligations, families, children, and household responsibilities.

Our relationships are usually the center of our universe, but they aren’t all that exists in it. So when we are trying to juggle everything else in life, sometimes, our relationships take a turn for the south.

There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s to be expected. But, sometimes this constant ebb and flow wears our relationships down. And at some point, we stop being the person our partner needs us to be. And the same probably goes the same for them, too.

This never means that hope is lost for it. There is always hope. One of the best ways you can create a healthier relationship is to learn how to be a better partner. Here’s a few tips on how you can do this.

Listen, Don’t Just Talk

Breakdowns in communication are one of the first signs a relationship is not at it’s best. Most of the time, this is tied to us hearing what we want to hear. Or not truly listening to what the other person has to say. This can create an uneven balance and frustration on both parties.

To start creating a healthier relationship, learn to truly listen to your partner. This isn’t just hearing them talk, it goes way beyond that. What are they trying to express to you about their feelings when they talk? What are the things being left unsaid that you pick up on?

Take Time For Each Other

Life gets busy. Trying to balance everything you have going on in life is hard enough. Then when you add your relationship to that? Well, it’s no wonder why so many relationships struggle.

In the beginning, you likely always made sure that you spent quality time together. But as the months and years went by, this may have stopped. Which is completely normal. It’s important to remember to always try and carve out time for one another. This means that you are being a better partner by making sure they still know you crave their attention and time. It helps each partner to feel appreciated and loved and to return that in kind.

Show Gratitude

Just like we stop spending as much quality time together – we often stop showing our appreciation. The little things they do that used to amaze us? We no longer show our gratitude for those things. Now, this doesn’t mean that they don’t necessarily know you are appreciative. But, never take for granted that they may feel like you are taken them for it.

Part of being a good partner is to make sure that they know how much you truly appreciate them. For all of the things they do. Even if it is just them taking the garbage out or cooking dinner one night, it never hurts to say thanks.

What To Do When You Have Lost Sight Of These Things

As we said earlier, relationships can be really challenging. So if you have lost sight of any of these things, don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone. But, this doesn’t mean you should stay in this place. Sometimes, being a better partner for a healthier relationship means you need to own up to the mistakes or lack of things that you have done.

But maybe you are at a point where you aren’t even sure how to make your relationship healthier. That is ok too. Through couples therapy, we can help you learn to be better partners for each other and to create a stronger relationship. Reach out to us to get started.

May 30, 2022