Grief, The Holiday’s, And Remembering Your Loved Ones

We feel the loss of those who are gone all year round. However, it seems as if the holidays are particularly potent on grief. What should be a joyous time with celebrations is filled with sadness. Deep down, we know that our loved ones would want us to be happy. To cherish the people who are still around us. But it’s not that easy.

It’s not easy to look around a kitchen table and not see the person you are missing. We remember them all year round, but something about a holiday never seems to sit right with us. We can’t help but feel angry, lost, and upset when life takes away those we love. It is normal to even dread a holiday that you once enjoyed. Grief has an awful way of ruining everything, doesn’t it?

So, what is there to do when grief seems so overpowering? How can you get through the holidays when nothing seems right anymore? Nothing can ever replace those we have lost. Below, we would like to give you some tips on how you can get through the holiday’s a little easier and remember your loved ones.

Tips On Coping With Grief During The Holiday’s

Go At Your Own Pace

If there are annual parties that you once attended with your loved one, it’s ok to skip. It’s ok to not go if the memory of them and knowing they aren’t there is going to be too painful. If you need to stay at home and cry or do something completely different, don’t let anything stop you. We all grieve in our own way, so even if no one else understands your decision, you do, and that’s all that matters.

Alternatively, if people expect you to not show up, and you still want to go, that’s fine also! Whatever is best for you is the only opinion that matters.

Don’t Be Afraid To Break Tradition

Traditions and gatherings are what make the holidays so special. However, when you are struggling with grief, these traditions can feel almost unbearable. If there is something you all would have done together but you feel like you can’t this year, be honest. If you typically host a gathering, don’t be afraid to tell everyone you just aren’t up to it. Or, you can even suggest a dinner party at a restaurant so you can all get together still.

Remembering Your Loved One

You’ll always remember them. No matter what the time of year is, they will always be in your heart. When the holidays roll around, their presence no longer being with you feels like a ton of bricks on your chest. The grief follows you everywhere. In our hearts, we know they wouldn’t want us to feel like this. To mourn them so powerfully that it casts a shadow around everything else. We can let ourselves feel sad and mourn, but, we can still celebrate their life and legacy in so many ways. Here are a few of our favorites.

Share Memories Of Them

Inevitably, there will be a few tears shed as their name comes up at a holiday gathering. One of the best ways to remember your loved one is to take a few minutes before dinner to share in memories. One by one, everyone at the dinner table can share their favorite memory or what they loved most about them.

Create A Memorial In Your Home

Creating a memorial for your loved one can be healing no matter the time of year. However, you can create some really special displays during the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be anything massive or grand, it can be as simple as their picture next to a candle. If their favorite holiday was Christmas, you can create an ornament for your tree with their photo and name in honor of them. Or even setting up a dedicated place all year round with their photos and a few trinkets they had or that they gave to you.

No matter how you choose to get through the holiday season, know you are not alone. Grief has a way of making us think that we are alone in our struggles. If you need extra support to get you through the holiday’s, reach out to us for grief counseling or contact us.

November 30, 2021