I’m A Person of Color Living In A White Community…What Now?

Tensions are high in this country.

It’s 2022 and unfortunately, People of Color(POC) are still living in a world that is racist. While our community has been technically free for 157 years, we are still shackled by outdated ideologies that can question our right to even exist.

We’ve fought for our rights and against a machine that segregated us in every way possible from the rest of the world. And it’s not that we aren’t grateful, but more work needs to be done. So much more.

In recent years, tensions grew as the deaths of POC made national news, sparking protests and conversations. We are so much more than our skin color, but some people only see us for that.

We now have the “right” to live anywhere we choose. Many POC’s are now living in predominately white communities. And while we have every right to live where we choose to, it can be challenging to live in these places. If you are in a situation like this, you might wonder what you can do. Not only to protect yourself and your family, but to not feel like an outcast among society. Here are a few tips on how to deal with this.

Living In A White Community As A POC

You move into your new neighborhood. Feeling grateful for a new home to create new memories in. But there’s a nagging feeling in the back of your mind as you see all of your neighbors. You’re one of only a few, if the only, people of color in the neighborhood.

And while you want to believe that everyone in your new neighborhood will be accepting, you can’t help but feel like that might not be fully the case.

Even if everyone is accepting towards you, it can be hard not to think of the differences between your life and theirs.

If you are finding that you are in a similar situation, dealing with the anxiety over this can be challenging. Here are a few tips on how to manage this.

Counteract Isolation

When you are living in a community that looks different than you, it can be common to feel isolated and lonely. Feeling both of these can cause anxiety and depression to worsen.

You might be too anxious to try and connect with others in your neighborhood. Seeking support and connection from friends, family, and support groups can help you to feel more balanced and at ease.

Use technology to your advantage, as well. You can likely find social media groups for POC within your town or county, or find ones within your state. Reaching out this way can help you feel less alone.

Self-Care Is Especially Important

No matter where you are living, self-care is important. It’s one of the best things you can do to keep your mental and physical well-being strong.

Ideas for practicing self-care can include

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Exercise (even short walks)
  • And talking to others

Working on self-care can help you feel less anxious, overall, each day.

Try To Connect With Others In Your Neighborhood

This one is easier said than done. But if it seems as if people in your neighborhood are accepting or friendly, try to find the courage to connect with them. While anxiety as a POC within the white community is a very tangible thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t at least try.

That’s all any of us can do, at the end of the day, is try. Forging new connections, for everyone involved, can help bridge the gap that exists within our communities.

Above all else, if you are really struggling, you shouldn’t have to go through this alone.

We know how it feels to be a person of color and feel like an outcast in society sometimes. We are here to support you through whatever you are going through. Anxiety therapy can help ease your worry and find new ways to cope, so reach out to us to begin.

July 25, 2022