Keeping Hope Alive In The Fight For Equality

It’s 2022 and so many people are still fighting for equality.

For basic human rights.

Fighting for the right to live and not just survive.

It’s disheartening, challenging, and heartbreaking to think that there are still minorities, ethnicities, genders, and so many more who are not being treated equally.

And it’s even worse when you know you are one of them. That your loved ones and friends are dealing with serious systemic racism or judgement. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to feel hopeless. To feel shame in who you are, as if you are less than or not as worthy as others. As if the weight of the world is always on your shoulders and you can never shake free from it.

We are living in challenging times and many people are suffering. It might feel impossible to keep the hope alive when nothing seems right. Not only is it possible, but it is the only way through challenging times.

Keeping Hope Alive When Fighting For Equality

There Can Be No Change Without Hope

Think back to the moments that transformed the world. Martin Luther King Jr. and his I Have A Dream speech. Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus. What do they all have in common? They never gave up hope.

Facing challenges in their lives and seeing this in others, they continued to fight. For the basic human rights for now and the future people. A right to live and just survive. Without hope, or seeing a better future, they may never have tried. But because of their hope, they never gave up. Despite everything going on in the world, they did not let it get them down.

Hope. It really is what makes the world go around.

Never Giving Up Is A Powerful Statement

The world constantly tries to say no. Despite it being 2022, racism is still very much alive, despite what others may lead you to believe. We are not crazy and we know that BIPOC’s and so many others continue to face a cruel, judgmental world based on appearances. We will not give up.

We should never give up on what we know is going on. To throw in the towel and just stop caring. We will never accept the unfair, unjust, and treatment of anyone in this world who does not have equal rights.

Never giving up is a powerful statement. It says that we refuse to accept the way things are, just because it has been that way forever. We should not just settle that just because our ancestors had it worse than us that it somehow undermines what we are facing now.

Staying Hopeful Brings Peace To Other Areas Of Your Life

There is more to our lives than just the unjustness we face daily. Even though this takes up so much of our lives, we are more than this.

We are the small moments with our families that bring smiles and laughter to us. It’s the conversations with our friends that remind us that we are not alone in this world. It’s talking to someone who brings an outside perspective to the problems that we are facing.

When we keep hope alive, we are telling the world we are not giving up and we will face whatever life brings us with positivity and light.

It’s a cruel world out there and there’s so much that can bring us down. But keeping hope alive is an uplifting and powerful statement. If you are struggling with depression or with staying hopeful, let’s connect as soon as we can. You are not alone in this fight.

May 30, 2022